Love Coffee? Try our 100% Hāmākua Coffee and taste for yourself. Mild, smooth, slightly chocolaty. Ahhhh

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  • Coffee Tips

    For fresh coffee, try to drink within 2-3 week and keep coffee in seal mason jar. But if it takes longer to consume, place coffee in an airtight container and place in freezer, removing as much as from the container as prevent moisture from condensing and damaging the coffee.
  • Coffee Process-Farm to Cup

    What is farm to cup coffee? What’s involved in ‘processing’ coffee? A lot! From baby coffee tree to roasted coffee beans, we take you through it is involved in processing coffee here at our Hog Heaven Coffee farm.
  • Hawaii has 10 of 14 World's Climate Zones

    Hawaii has 10 of world's 14 climate zones. The tropical continuous wet zone is where Hog Heaven Coffee is grown, in the deep, rich volcanic soil producing that smooth chocolatey tasting coffee!