Award Winning Coffee

Two years in a row!  We won in 2022 and now again for 2023, at the Hawaii Coffee Association Annual Cupping Competition. 

What is it? A method of evaluating the quality of coffee beans by professional coffee graders. These Q graders analyze coffee through among other factors, smell and taste. There is a numerical score in which the coffee beans are graded. A score above 80 is considered specialty.

We entered the competition for the first time in 2022 and won for our Hāmākua district, and in 2023 we did it again.

award plaque and certificate

We're grateful for the recognition and to the validation that our Hog Heaven Coffee is indeed special, tasty and fabulous.

2022 results, 2023 results

For more on why we consider this award special, see our blog - what is coffee cupping competition and why it matters.