Hazel, Hog Heaven Coffee Princess

Meet Hazel, our beloved Pit Bull who defied the odds and survived Rat Lungworm Disease - a parasite that invades the nervous system. She is disabled, yet Hazel's indomitable spirit refuses to be quelled.
From the moment you step onto our farm, Hazel is there to greet you with her infectious zest for life. She is unrestrained in her enthusiasm as she welcomes coffee pickers and coffee farm tourists alike.
Quasimodo has nothing on her as Hazel diligently patrols the orchards, fiercely guarding the coffee trees and cherries picked. That's why she's our coffee princess.
Hazel is a testament to the extraordinary spirit that exists in all living creatures. Despite her challenges, Hazel loves life, her pack and of course working in the coffee orchards. Hazel is an inspiration, reminding us that regardless of adversity, the pursuit of passion knows no bounds.
collage of pics of Hazel the dog working in the coffee orchard

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Here also is a short video of Hazel's story, courtesy of  Cuddle Buddies and Power of Postivity

You can also see her on our Youtube channel.