About Our Farm


Hog Heaven Coffee farm is located in Ninole, part of the region known as the Hāmākua Coast. We are located on the eastern slope of Mauna Kea at about 1,400 ft in elevation, overlooking the Pacific Ocean on one side and views of the summit of Mauna Kea on the other. Pretty cool!


We are a two person operation here at Hog Heaven Coffee farm. Well, two plus five dogs and six cows. All rescues.

Like some people from big cities, we dreamed of living a simpler life. Growing and selling our own coffee wasn’t part of the plan. But you know how life’s plans go!


We spent the first years clearing the land and with local help we began to cultivate the coffee trees and became one of the few single source growers selling 100% Hāmākua coffee. 

* Single source means our coffee is never blended with any other source. 100% of our coffee is grown on our farm and 100% goes direct to your cup.

We handpick only the ripest coffee cherries which are then processed – pulped, sorted, washed, dried, milled, roasted, and packaged to order. That's why we call it Farm to Cup coffee.

 pics of coffee trees picker parchment roaster

Our lives truly changed once we started farming and understand the privilege drinking coffee grown, harvested and processed from our own land, by our own hands. 

This has encouraged us to support the local economy and community as well as share our story (and coffee) with others. 

When you purchase Hog Heaven Coffee, you are directly supporting local coffee farmers who handpick and process every bean with Aloha.

To see more go to our YouTube channel - Hog Heaven Coffee farm.