History of Hamakua and Hog Heaven Coffee Farm

Hog Heaven Coffee is located in Ninole, Hawaii which boasts the smallest post office in all of Hawaii! Ninole is part of an area referred to as the Hamakua coast; it is located on the northeast side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The area covers just north of Hilo for about 50 miles up the coast to Waipi‘o Valley. 

Coffee was grown commercially in the rich red soil (the "Hamakua Gold") of the Big Island from the missionary days in the mid 1800s, until the coffee bust at the turn of the 20th century. Sugar then became the predominate crop until the 1980s when the Big Island's plantations finally ceased production. The Big Island's large plantations were eventually divided up into smaller plots, sold off, and farming and cattle ranching became prevalent. Hog Heaven Coffee Farm is one of a handful of small growers producing the unique coffee grown in the deep red soil (the "Hamakua Gold") found only on this part of Big Island, Hawaii.