Love Coffee? Try our 100% Hāmākua Coffee and taste for yourself. Mild, smooth, slightly chocolaty. Ahhhh


1. What is Estate Grown coffee?  

"Estate Grown" means that all of the coffee is grown and produced at the source; in our case here on our farm Pua'a Lani (Hog Heaven) on the Hāmākua coast of the Big Island, Hawaii. A lot of coffee is a blend of different coffees from different farms, countries, or continents.

2. Where is Ninole?  

Ninole is one of the small former sugar cane plantation communities located on the Hāmākua coast along the northeast (windward, or "wet") side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

3. How is coffee like Hog Heaven grown in Hamakua different than Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee is grown on the "dry" (10"-40" rain/year) leeward (west) side of the Big Island in sparse soil. Hamakua coffee is grown on the "wet" (100"-200") side, in the deep rich volcanic soil sometimes referred to as "The Hamakua Gold".  Generally Kona coffee is robust, while Hamakua coffee is smooth and mild

4. What is coffee parchment?

Parchment is coffee processed to the stage where it can be stored before roasting.  The coffee beans have been pulped and dried but not yet milled and roasted.  Some people who roast their own, prefer to RIP (or Roast In Parchment), which means roasting the coffee with the parchment, as the parchment itself has flavor.