Winner! 2022 Best Hāmākua Coffee


1. What is Estate Grown coffee?  

"Estate Grown" means that all of the coffee is grown and produced at the source; in our case here on our farm Pua'a Lani (Hog Heaven) in Ninole, Hawaii. Commercial coffees then to be blend of coffees from around the world, the source often not identified.

So if your care about where your coffee comes from, make sure to read the label.

2. Where is Ninole?  

Ninole is located on the northeast are of the Big Island of Hawaii known as the Hāmākua coast. Ninole also boasts the smallest post office in the state.

3. Is there a difference between the various Hawaiian coffees?

Yes! Differences range from how the parchment (once coffee cherry is pulped) is processed to location of the farm on the islands. For instance, on the Big Island, there are four coffee districts: Hāmākua, Kona, Kau, and Puna. All four have very different soil and climate; elevation plays a role as well.

Check out our blog Coffees of Hawaii for more information.

4. What does it take to go from coffee tree to roasted coffee?

A lot! Coffee trees produce cherries (so called because they look similar to the fruit cherry when ripe), which are individually handpicked, pulped, washed, dryed, milled, roasted, package.  

Check our blog Farm to Cup Coffee Process for more details.

5. How does Coffee Club Work?

Choose the option to join the club and the 10% discount is automatically applied. But you do need to type in ‘club’ in the discount code at check out for the free shipping.

6. Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping is offered to Coffee Club members only.

For regular orders, we do not offer free shipping. As a small business (farm), we currently do not have the sales volume to qualify for favorable shipping rates through commercial shippers. We do not profit from the cost of the shipping, it is simply a pass-through. Mahalo for your understanding.