Coffee Farm Tour: Personalized Journey


Experience the Essence of Hāmākua Coffee with Our Personalized Tour

If you find yourself on the Big Island, we'd love to welcome you to our coffee farm for an enriching coffee journey with our guided farm tour, offered by appointment generally between 11 am and 2 pm*.

As you step onto our coffee farm, you'll be greeted by our furry companions, an integral part of our farm family.*

Immerse yourself in our coffee production, insights into our practices, processing methods, and the passion that drives our craft. Our tours are tailored to your individual interests, ensuring an engaging and informative experience that caters to your unique coffee curiosity.

Your personalized tour typically lasts about an hour, providing an overview of our operations. For a nominal fee of $25 per person, you'll receive personalized attention and gain valuable knowledge about the intricacies of Hāmākua coffee cultivation, from bean selection to roasting and brewing.

As part of this immersive experience, you'll be treated to a complimentary bag of our freshly roasted whole bean coffee and a tasting (freshly brewed), allowing you to relish the distinct flavors and aromas of our award-winning coffee. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to purchase our coffee, subject to availability. 

Please note that our farm an active working environment, and we prioritize safety for all visitors. To ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone, we kindly request that you: closely supervise children throughout the tour; remain with your group during the tour; and be mindful of any potential hazards on the farm, such as uneven terrain or working equipment.

We appreciate your cooperation in upholding a safe and enjoyable environment for all our valued guests.

Our pack look forward to welcoming you to our coffee farm. Please text or email us to schedule your tour (619) 356-3964 and embark on an unforgettable coffee adventure

*Custom times available upon request and capacity. Also, if you do not like dogs, please notify us when scheduling appointment.


pics of farm tour

pics of farm tour