Our Farm

Our farm is in Ninole, part of the region known as the Hāmākua Coast located on the eastern slope of Mauna Kea at about 1,400 ft in elevation overlooking the Pacific Ocean and with views of the summit of Mauna Kea. Pretty cool!

At Heaven Coffee farm, all we do is coffee. Our sole focus is to ensure healthy coffee trees so they produce beautiful ripe coffee cherries – like in these in the picking basket.  These cherries in turn leads to the unique taste of our 100% Hāmākua coffee here in Hawaii.

We handpick only the ripest coffee cherries which are then processed – fermented, washed, dried, milled, roasted, and packaged to order.

When you purchase Hog Heaven Coffee from our site, you are directly supporting local farmers who handpick and process every bean just for you!

To see more go to our YouTube channel – Hog Heaven Coffee farm.

About Us

There are only two of us at Hog Heaven Coffee farm.

Like so many people from big cities, we dreamed of living a simpler life, of living Aloha. Growing and selling our own coffee wasn’t part of the plan. But you know how life’s plans go!

What’s with the name?

It’s a doublé entendré. According to Merriam Webster, the definition of hog heaven is an  extremely satisfying state or situation. Life on our farm is just that: satisfying. It’s the ahhh you get from drinking a really good cup of coffee. We drink Hog Heaven Coffee every morning which never fails to satisfy.

When we moved here, our fence was down, wild boar were rooting the coffee orchard, and we lost several trees. Friends helped us with the fence, and then with their hunting dogs helped us with our  boar problem.  Some Hog spirits  were sent to heaven while their bodies went to the freezer, and Hog Heaven Coffee was born. 

We love that our coffee is sourced from our land and processed by our own hands. We support the local economy by employing local and purchasing local as much as we can. We spent the first years clearing the land. With local help, we began to cultivate the coffee trees and became one of the few single source growers selling 100% Hāmākua coffee. 

Single source meaning, our coffee is never blended with any other sources, direct from our farm to your coffee cup.

Hamakua coffee trees taking in the warm hawaii sun at hog heaven coffee farm
dogs meet cows at hog heaven coffee farm in hawaii

Farm Tour

We welcome you with aloha.

Our farm is our home that we share with five dogs and six cows (all rescues).

So for those who’d like a tour, please email us for an appointment.  

The tour is informal and includes an overview of our farm and how we process coffee. 

Hog Heaven Coffee farm is not a cafe, we do not serve coffee. 

We do package our coffee to order prior to the visit.