Love Coffee? Try our 100% Hāmākua Coffee and taste for yourself. Mild, smooth, slightly chocolaty. Ahhhh

About Us

Aloha!  We’re two transplants from southern California. Like many people from large urban areas, we dreamed of living a simpler, warmer, less stressful life  (doesn't that sound like life in Hawaii?). Growing and selling our own coffee wasn’t part of the plan. But you know how life’s plans go!

Here we are in Ninole, a small community on the northeast part of the Big Island of Hawaii known as the Hāmākua Coast. Our farm is located on the eastern slope of Mauna Kea at about 1,400 ft in elevation overlooking the Pacific Ocean and with views of the summit of Mauna Kea. Pretty cool!

The place we eventually chose to live had the "minimum 5 acres, water on one side and no homeowner association" we wanted, and also happened to be a coffee farm. So, we said why not? With lots of local help along the way, we began to cultivate the coffee trees, process the beans and became one of the few single source growers selling 100% Hāmākua coffee. And we love our coffee!

In addition to the one dog (aptly named Kona) who came with us from the mainland, we adopted three more dogs (including a disabled dog, Hazel, check her out on Instagram @hunchbackofninole) and six cows from a recently closed local dairy, all the while managing feral pigs...thus Hog Heaven Coffee.



alt="Rescued Holstein cows living the good life at Hog Heaven Coffee farm"


alt="Four dogs waiting for snacks living it up at Hog Heaven Coffee Farm"


alt="Coffee Orchard overlooking Pacific Ocean"