Winner! Best Hāmākua Coffee at the 2022 Hawaii Coffee Association Cupping Competition

About Us

It's a two person operation here at Hog Heaven Coffee farm. Well, two plus five dogs and six cows. All rescues.

Like some people from big cities, we dreamed of living a simpler life, of living Aloha. Growing and selling our own coffee wasn’t part of the plan. But you know how life’s plans go!

We're privileged to drink coffee grown, harvested and processed from our own land, by our own hands. We support the local economy by employing local and purchasing local as much as we can.

We spent the first years clearing the land. With local help, we began to cultivate the coffee trees and became one of the few single source growers selling 100% Hāmākua coffee. 

Single source mean our coffee is never blended with any other source. 100% of our coffee is grown on our farm and 100% goes direct to your cup.

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