Love Coffee? Try our 100% Hāmākua Coffee and taste for yourself. Mild, smooth, slightly chocolaty. Ahhhh

What Goes on at Our Coffee Farm

Here at Hog Heaven Coffee, all we do is coffee. Our sole (flora) focus is on taking care of coffee trees so they produce beautiful ripe coffee cherry which in turn leads to the smooth unique taste of Hog Heaven’s estate grown Hawaiian coffee. 

We hand-pick and process all of our coffee cherries. That means we take our picking baskets and go through each of our 700+ trees.  All of the coffee we sell is grown, harvested, processed and packaged here on our farm by us.  Soon, we will also be milling and fresh roasting our coffee on site, to order. Check out our YouTube channel - Hog Heaven Coffee farm - and see how we do it!

coffee picker with basket full of red cherry giving the shakaCoffee Cherry on PulperCoffee Cherry WashedRoasted Coffee Beans