Coffees of Hawaii

All coffee from Hawaii is not created equal. Or rather, no coffee from Hawaii is created equal…

Coffee grows everywhere in Hawaii, but commercially mostly on four of the islands – Hawaii (or Big Island), Ohau, Maui, and Kauai.  No matter where the coffee is grown in Hawaii, it all boasts different tastes, because the taste of the coffee depends on the land that it is grown in.

On the Big Island there are distinct tasting coffees from the Kona, Hamakua (where our Ninole coffee is grown), Kau, and Puna Districts. The taste of the coffee is as distinct as the land (and climate) where it grows.  In Kona, coffee grows in rocky lava and in Kau, the desert; in Puna in the jungle, and in Hamakua deep rich volcanic soil.

Many people are familiar with coffee from Kona, but only recently has coffee from the other Big Island districts become more popular.  Mild, smooth coffee like Hog Heaven Coffee from Hamakua where there are only a handful of growers, coffee is the rarest of the best!  Help spread the word!